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Philly Skeeball League Locations in Old City, Center City and South Philly!

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What are you doing this winter?  You ready to GET SOCIAL and PLAY SKEEBALL!!

We have three Locations this winter (Old City, Center City and South Philly)

The Skeeball is Free (during the league), the beers are cheap and it’s a great way to meet new people and have a set time to hang out with friends in the winter.. We don’t have weather issues and we promise you won’t get hurt!!!

Winter Registration has begun, Early Bird ends on Jan 1st and all registration ends on Jan 25, 2014.  The season begins Jan 29/30th and will last for 7 weeks.  We will have our first ever Philly Skeeball City Championship this winter at the end of the season!

Sign up as a team (min 5 max 12), small group or solo !  If you have questions email giovanni@unitedsoialsports.com

Why Skeeball is Awesome

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1) IT’S AT THE BAR and bars have heat and alcohol!!
2) All your friends can play no matter how athletic or non athletic they are.
3) Skeeball League games are FREE!!
4) You get an awesome New York City Skeeball shirt to rock around town.
5) With at least 100 people in most of out league you can easily meet your future ex.
6) Meeting new fun people who love to have a good time.
7) Great skeeball food and drink specials every league night night!

Philly Skeeball League

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The next Philly Skeeball League Season will start in October of 2012. Registration is currently open for new for Thursday Evening. If you would like more information, please email giovanni@unitedsocialsports.com

Mission: We Have Fun!!! We enjoy the classic boardwalk game of Skeeball. All skill levels will be welcome in our league, from beginners to experts. All members of the league will enjoy free skee ball during league play, as well as food and drink specials at the bar during and after every game. This will be a social league during the games and after!!!

Game Night:  Each team will have 2 matches per nights, each match you will play against another skeeball team.  Each match will be best of 7 vs another team.  SKEEBALL IS FREE DURING LEAGUE PLAY and before/after for practice!!

Where: Our league will take place a Buffalo Billiards in Center City! Games will take place on weeknights around 6:30-9:30pm. Each team will have to consist at least 4 players and up to 12. If you want to play and do not have a full team, you can still sign up as a Free Agent and you will be placed into a team with other Free Agents. Every player will get a Philly Skeeball T-shirt (each team with their own unique color).

What you get: An awesome Philly Skeeball Shirt, Free skeeball during league play, end of season party, happy hours and prizes for the top team

Seasons:   Each season will last 6-8 weeks at the same location/night, including the playoffs, which every team is included. There is a tournament at the end of every season, where we crown a champion.